Love FLower

440,00 ر.س



If you are looking for the perfect expression of your love and found this wonderful luxury gift. They are more than just roses. It embodies the depth, intensity and sincerity of your feelings.

This gift lies inside an elegant acrylic box, there are delicately made foam roses of red, black and white color. Each color symbolizes a deep side of your relationship with your loved one

When you look at this captivating gift, your heart whispers words that you find difficult to pronounce, but you long to hear. “I love you.”These three simple and deep words adorn the surface of the acrylic box, a constant reminder of the boundless affection you have for your loved one.

Such a gift is a testament to the beauty and rarity of your love relationship that goes beyond the ordinary and flourishes in extraordinary ways.

We hope that such a gift will put a bright smile on the face of your loved one, because it represents the depth of your love. May it serve as a constant reminder of the profound impact you have left on your life, and of the immense happiness you bring to your world.