Mickey Forever Flower

799,00 ر.س



This lavish gift is the perfect gift for Mickey Mouse lovers and forever rose enthusiasts. This gift contains a 5.5 cm Mickey Mouse figurine with a Rose collection box in the shape of a “Mickey” face to preserve its beauty and durability. The package also contains 106 pieces of luxurious preserved flowers with a diameter of 3-4 cm to give a natural and beautiful touch to this gift.Preserved flowers are forever roses. These flowers enhance the natural beauty of the gift and increase its brilliance. Such a gift will be perfect for any occasion when roses are presented and loved by everyone who receives it.The gift box is characterized by a convenient size that is easy to transport and store. Thanks to such a practical size 34*29*10 cm, the gift box can be used as a decoration or storage for other valuable collectibles after using roses .Make a celebration or special occasion with this luxurious and elegant gift. The recipient of the gift has the right to enjoy a lifelong gift of natural roses while preserving their beauty and a wonderful Mickey Mouse statue to always remind them of the moments of happiness and magic associated with the famous Disney symbol