New born Classic Gift

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The Luxury Gift company is honored to present a luxurious baby gift that includes a selection of luxury products that will inspire and delight young children. This gift contains a classic car, made with great elegance and precision, and guarantees a great experience for young children by its movement. In addition, the gift includes small luxury boxes that are perfect for keeping pennies or gold and are considered a masterpiece in themselves.

This newborn gift is inspired by magical childhood and focuses on the development of children’s creative and sensory skills. Small cubes have beautiful colors and enhance sensory interaction, while a bear can be a warm friend and a loving companion for a child.

We believe that this gift for a newborn will delight children and enrich their everyday reality with a modern touch of luxury and elegance. Such a gift will be an unforgettable memory that will please with the passion and love with which you presented it.

The gift for a newborn consists of many elements to give a touch of luxury and beauty. The gift includes the emperor’s Classic alloy car of black color with an approximate size of 17.5 × 6 × 6 cm, a bear with an approximate size of 21 cm, a gold classic frame with a size of 38 × 43 cm, wooden letter cubes (B, O, Y) with a size of 5 cm, a gold wooden horse figurine with a size of 12 × 9.2 × 1.5 cm, two beige boxes inside which a sum of money or other gift can be placed with a size of 4.5 × 6.5 cm with a gold base.

Such a gift is ideal for receiving a newborn baby and as an expression of congratulations and blessings. Distinguished by its luxurious and elegant design, it is a great surprise for new parents. The items in the gift can be used to decorate the newborn’s room, store valuable memories, or display them in a prominent place as decorations.

Such a gift will undoubtedly impress friends and family, will give a touch of beauty and luxury to any occasion you celebrate. They are a symbol of love, care and appreciation, will remain an unforgettable gift for a newborn.

And at its conclusion, this gift comes with a golden base that enhances the overall beauty and gives a royal touch to the gift. They add elegance and luxury to this distinctive gift.

Such a diverse choice of gifts is a great opportunity to congratulate new parents on the arrival of a newborn baby and show feelings of joy and love.