Velvet eagle box

540,00 ر.س



The luxury home gift is represented by a unique and innovative velvet gift box containing a card to place the amount of money, in addition to a luxurious piece of decor that reflects the cultural heritage and modern elegance of the new home. Every part of this gift has been carefully curated to provide the ideal opening experience for the new homeowner, as it will give him a feeling of… Comfortable and welcoming and definitely enhances the decor and beauty of the home. This elegant gift combines fine design, originality and luxury. It is also characterized by high quality and outstanding innovation in the diversity of products and materials. A luxury home gift is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to preserve the memory of welcoming their new home in an exceptional and unforgettable way

In assembling the gift, we use high-quality materials and an elegant design to ensure that its aesthetics and contents are preserved during shipping and delivery. We guarantee that this gift will be a beautiful and touching keepsake of this special occasion in your life

We wish you a happy and successful new housing experience, and that you enjoy every moment inside your new home. We are happy to be part of this journey with you, and we hope that this gift is an embodiment of our warm congratulations and good wishes from us to you.